Melanie in 2017; Photo by Paul Joyson-Hicks


Age: 17
Birthday: May 25, 2000
Home: Arusha
School: Henry Gogarty Girls Secondary School, Form 3 (grade 10)
Melanie is the youngest of seven children born to farmers in the Moshi area. She currently stays with her uncle and her uncle’s wife and child in Arusha. It is this uncle who saw Melanie’s brilliance and helped her through primary school.
Melanie is attentive and inquisitive, making the most of any educational opportunity that comes her way, always asking questions to know more and more. She can often be found in the girls’ center studying by herself or working with one of the older girls to get extra tuition. Extremely poised and mature, Melanie is determined to succeed where her older siblings did not. With this attitude, Melanie approaches life with an unparalleled focus far beyond her years. It is likely because of this focus, that she has constantly placed either first or second in her class for the entirety of her secondary schooling thus far. Despite these fabulous achievements, she maintains an admirable humility and maturity in her presentation and interactions. She aims to be a pathologist and has remained focused on that goal since joining TGFT.