The Girls Center

The Girls Foundation of Tanzania helps girls go to school and excel in their studies by providing them secondary school sponsorships and support throughout their high school years.
TGFT has developed two programs that work together to provide a comprehensive support system to bright but vulnerable girls: a secondary school Sponsorship Program and The Girls Center. We are sponsoring 14 girls in private girls boarding schools in Arusha. The girls we select are nominated by the Headmistresses of their  primary schools as being the most in need financially and who demonstrate excellent academic performance, intellectual curiosity, ambition and spark.
In April 2012, we opened The Girls Center as a safe and secure learning environment where the girls live when school is not in session. Here, in an open and friendly atmosphere, they are able to focus their attention on their studies and develop critical thinking, communication, problem-solving skills and collaboration. We are providing intensive academic tutoring to prepare them for success on their National Exams as well as health education, computer and life skills, and leadership training.
The Girls Center is a home for the girls where they can learn more about the broader world outside of their school life and the day-to-day realities of their villages. Our strategy is focused on developing their strong academic achievement and providing positive roles models, particularly adult Tanzanian women, who can help to illuminate their dreams and to build realistic goals that they can achieve. We are preparing them to be role models at school and in their villages, and to develop and mature into productive adults.