Sponsor A Girl
In Tanzania many girls are forced to drop out of school because their parents cannot afford the school fees. We help girls go to school and excel in their studies by providing school fees, uniforms, and supplies as well as additional academic and social support during their high school years.
The girls we support are selected by their school communities as being the most in need and who demonstrate excellent academic performance, intellectual curiosity, ambition and spark.
Give A Girl A Chance to Go to Secondary School
$2,000 provides school fees for one girl for one year at a secondary boarding school
$1,000 provides school fees for one girl for a half year at a secondary boarding school
$200 provides school uniforms, a sturdy pair of school shoes, and all other clothing items for one girl for the academic year
$150 provides a year of textbooks and workbooks for one girl
$125 provides all the necessary hygiene items for one girl for the academic year (soaps, sanitary pads, toilet paper, toothbrush, etc)
$100 provides mattress, sheets, pillow, blanket, towel to one girl
$75 provides a year’s worth of paper, ruler, compass, pens/pencils, calculator for one girl
$50 provides one girl with her yearly check up at a clinic
$25 provides transportation for one girl to and from school for the academic year