Mariam in 2016
Mariam studying in 2012


Age:  23
Birthday:  September 15, 1994
Home:  Kilimanjaro
School:  3rd year student at the University at the Institute of Financial Management, Dar es Salaam
Quote from Mariam: "Problems are not obstacles, but challenges. I put effort into my studies to reach my goals."
Mariam grew up in Moshi in the Kilimajaro region in the Arusha District and is from the Ngoni Tribe. Her mother died from malaria and her father died in a car accident. She lives with her aunt and other family members. She has an older sister and younger brother.
Mariam is a gentle introvert who enjoys being part of a group. Although she is shy with acquaintances, she is talkative when she feels comfortable with her peers and adults. Mariam is kind and serious: when she smiles and laughs it’s like the sun breaking through the clouds. She’s always the first to volunteer to help and more often than not will notice when something needs to be done and will take care of it quietly and confidently. She manages her time purposefully and often wakes up early to study before breakfast.
Mariam excels in her Bookkeeping and Commerce classes and wants to become a professional accountant.