Gap Year

At the end of secondary school, Form 4 students (11th graders) take the Form 4 National Exams: their exam results determine whether they will matriculate into high school for Form 5 and Form 6 or Certificate Degree Programs.
Form 4 Graduates take the exams in November and do not begin Form 5 until July: during these 7 months when they are not attending school, they live at home helping their families with household chores-cooking, cleaning, caring for younger siblings. It can be a vulnerable time for girls.
At The Girls Center, Form 4 Graduates participate in internships at local businesses; volunteer in classrooms at local primary schools; attend computer classes and ESL classes during the Gap Year. Through these real work experiences, the girls learn responsibility, commitment, new skills and how to behave in a professional manner. They gain more self-confidence and maturity participating in the Gap Year at The Girls Center.


November 2014 - June 2015: Pascalina's Gap Year at The Girls Center
Pascalina volunteered at Intel Primary School as a part of our community service component of the Gap Year.
She graduated from an 8-week computer certification course, which gave her new skills and confidence to implement during her internship at Meru Community Bank.
As a part of her internship, she received lients at the bank, created accounts for new clients, and prepared expense vouchers for staff.
Pascalina is the 6th student we've sponsored in high school. In July 2015 she begins at Ifunda Girls High School and we wish her all the best!

November 2013 - April 2014: Finyueli and Mary at Total Care Health clinic, Arusha


From December to February Mary and Finyueli interned at an excellent local health clinic called Total Care. Finyueli, who wants to be an accountant, worked in the Accounting Department and learned how to prepare invoices, compile financial data and how a bill of exchange works. Mary received hands on training in the Lab and learned about sample collections, observation under a microscope, analysis and diagnosis of parasites and malaria.
In March they volunteered in a classroom at Intel Primary School.


November 2012 - May 2013: Beatrice, Mariam and Zainabu at Meru Community Bank, Arusha

From December to May 2013, Beatrice, Zainabu, and Mariam interned at Meru Community Bank where they were closely supervised as they learned about how a bank operates and how transactions occur in each department at the bank. They were trained in answering customers’ questions, helping them to fill out forms to open and use personal accounts. These students want to become accountants and businesswomen and during their internships, they gained valuable practical knowledge and experience in the field of banking.
They also volunteered in Standard I and 4 classrooms in Math and English at The Joshua Foundation Primary School.