Eunice in 2017, Photo by Paul Joyson-Hicks


Age:  14
Birthday: May 14, 2003
Home Place: Mto wa mbu
School: Henry Gogarty Secondary School, Form 1 (grade 8)
She is steadfast and focused on her studies. She is excited to be with other like-minded smart girls and to belong to a safe community. She is quiet and her resilience is remarkable. After her first semester at Henry Gogarty School, Eunice was ranked # 12 in her class of 129 students.
Eunice lives alone with her mother. She is the youngest of three children and her older brothers are not living at home. Her mother is a primary school teacher and her father is a pastor. When Eunice was 9 years old, her father left their family and her mother left their community to pursue a safer life and better education for Eunice.
Eunice wants to be a doctor or a teacher.