Dorcas in 2017; Photo by Paul Joyson-Hicks
Dorcas in 2013


Age:  18
Birthday:  April 13, 1999
Home:  Arusha
School:  Nganza Secondary School, Form 5 (grade 12)
Dorcas’ family lives not far from the Girls’ Center, in the Sakina neighborhood of Arusha. She stays with her mother, a water pump operator, and her father, a blacksmith who creates iron decorations. As the only girl of three children, Dorcas spends most of the time she is at home helping her mother with house chores such as cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes. Before they got electricity in 2016, the family only used candles and kerosene lanterns. Because of her chore responsibilities and the lack of light, Dorcas feels like she did not have enough time to study in primary school when she was living at home.
At the center too, Dorcas is always helping with house chores and making sure other girls do the right thing. Dorcas is most certainly a rule follower herself and is rarely swayed by other girls to do something she doesn’t care for. She is perfectly happy to study by herself, however, she is equally capable of joining in on the dancing and games when it pleases her. In school she enjoys the science subjects and aspires to be a surgeon in the future.